A foreigner residing in Shinagawa, Tokyo, is still saying ‘Happy New Year’ in Japanese to everyone he meets.

32-year-old Bob Ryder is continually amazed with his own ability to fathom the finer intricacies of the Japanese language.

“I’m so proud of myself for not only speaking Japanese, but understanding the complex nuances of the Japanese language,” says Ryder.

“Like ‘ake’ is actually short for ‘akemashite’, and ‘ome’ is, in reality, short for ‘omedeto’.”

Others meeting Ryder for the first time in 2018 are slightly more sceptical of the 32-year-old’s linguistic genius.

“For f***’s sake buddy it’s almost February,” says 78-year-old salaryman Intaishitai Hayaku.

Image: Flickr/SnippyHollow


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