A young man attending a hanami party on the weekend lost a lot of valuable seconds engaging in a conversation with girljin.

Rob Paddington made the crucial error of making eye contact with a group of female foreigners as he migrated from one side of the party to the other to grab another Strong Zero from the cooler box.

“Oh man, I could have had three J-girl LINE IDs by now,” thought Paddington.

After a discussion investigating whether infinitives can be used as objects of a sentence, Paddington attempted to make a break for it.

“Time for another Strong Zero ladies,” Paddington said as he sculled his freshly opened strong zero and headed towards a group of Japanese girls.

Paddington employed the ingenious pickup line of asking the girls where they came from, ensuring he would be asked where he was from, so he could talk about his own country and himself for at least five minutes.

The girls felt they had to give Paddington their LINE IDs just to get rid of him.

Image: Flickr/Crschmidt


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