A foreigner working at a junior high school in southern Tokyo for the past eight years with no western-style toilets waited for his train this morning while squatting in front of the platform bench.

“It just feels so natural to me now,” said David Sensei.

For the first few years David refused to use the Japanese-style toilets on offer at the school and just waited until he got home to relieve himself but the system eventually wore him down.

David has now been using the Japanese-style toilets for about five years and says they feel “truly liberating”.

“Sometimes I strip down completely naked from the waist down – it’s amazing how much extra flow you get through the body in the squat position.”

David says, “Once you go jap (style), you never go back”.

“You know, I had my doubts, I didn’t even know which way to face when I used the toilets for the first time, but now I’m always up for a good squat, even when waiting for public transport.”


  1. Serious question, do they have bumguns for their squatty potties?

    I found the water pressure on the Thai and Cambodian bumguns was just too much for my chili burnt anus, most days. The squatting is a non-issue for me, but the water blasting my burnt anus in lieu of my customary rough and dry paper…. I started to carry a roll of “face tissue” everywhere.


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