An Indian gaijin living in Japan on a long-term visa has been spotted trying to attract more customers to his restaurant by standing directly in front of it.

The clever publicity stunt promptly lured in 41-year-old IT worker Masahiro Fujita, who was walking along the sidewalk trying not to make eye contact.

Before Fujita could say, “No thanks, I’ve already eaten lunch,” he was sitting down to a lovely Roghan Josh curry.

“This curry is delightful,” said Fujita, before thinking to himself, “Where the hell am I, and how did I get here?”

Fujita says he will now be taking a different route from the office to Family Mart.

Image: Flickr/EwanMunro


  1. hahah, Fujita-san’s last thought is great. I own a small cafe and I always imagine this is what goes through their minds when people come to my cafe and I never see them again. Alternative routes home!


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