Japanese being spoken by 36-year-old gaijin Brian is “shit hot” when he’s on the piss, according to Brian.

Inebriated Brian has “superb Japanese skills compared to sober Brian”, Brian confirmed last night at around 9 p.m.

“I tell ya, once I’m smashing back the Asahis I’m able to equally contribute to most topics of conversation,” says Brian.

“I even managed to offer my opinion yesterday evening on the recent demand for nuclear shelters amid the North Korean threat while drivelling under the influence.”

Brian’s Japanese skills peaked at around six beers last night.

“From then on though it was a bit of a downward spiral,” said Brian’s gaijin mate, 7-years-a-gaijin Rob Bobbins.

“It’s like when we fail to speak to any girls and end up playing billiards or darts – when we’re pissed we’re awesome but after the six beer peak we struggle to hit our desired hole.”

Brian and Bobbins play billiards or darts most weekends.

Image: Flickr/Standout



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