A foreign man treating a local girl to a hot date in Tokyo this week has had his mojo crushed after a girljin wandered within the immediate area.

Stewart Bennett instantly became half the man he used to be before girljin Alicia Esmond rocked up into the date zone.

“It was a total bloody shambles, I was instantly transported back to reality,” said Bennett.

“You know, that reality where I’m not an absolute frickin’ rock star.”

The arrival of girljin Esmond promptly destroyed Bennett’s ruse of being some cool bloke like one of those Hollywood actors Yumi sees in the movies.

“Once girljn was all up in my grill, I lost all sense of time and space and my actual dull personality was exposed,” said Bennett.

“This was the last thing I expected during the courtship phase in a foreign country.”

It was only at this moment Yumi realized Bennett didn’t actually look like Tom Cruise.

Image: Flickr/JuhanSonin



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