Gaikoku will retain the number one ranked overseas holiday destination for Japanese tourists during this year’s Obon Summer vacation, according to the Japan Tourism Agency.

Over one million people are expected to leave Japan this month with an estimated 63% travelling to Gaikoku, 17% to China, and 15% visiting South Korea – the remaining holidaymakers are expected to travel to whatever country in South East Asia.

“China was an option but we decided on gaikoku, and it was amazing!” said 43-year-old father of two Musashi Manjiro.

“They even had rice, coffee, and air that they breathed in through their noses.”

Japan Tourism Agency spokesman Takeshi Kobahara says many Japanese tourists who have already lost their Gaikoku virginity this year faced varying levels of culture shock.

“I lost my gaikoku virginity to gaikoku,” said third year university student Haruka Tsuda, “it was both shocking yet pleasurable at the same time.”

“I was pleasantly surprised but utterly gobsmacked to find people actually walking around on two legs.”

Image: Flickr/NorioNakayama


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