Tokyo prosecutors on Monday indicted former Nissan Motor Co. Chairman Carlos Ghosn for allegedly breaching the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act by understating his salary to the Tokyo Stock Exchange and also causing multiple nuclear meltdowns in 2011 at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

The charge comes three weeks after Ghosn was arrested, 10 months after Mitsubishi executives were found to have falsified data on shipments, and six months after government ministers included dead people to meet disabled quotes.

Ghosn was planning to replace the company’s chief executive, Hiroto Saikawa, shortly before being arrested, but it was just pure coincidence that Saikawa ratted him out.

“He may also be charged with instigating World War Two,” Tokyo prosecutors said in a statement.

Former TEPCO executives who directly oversaw the meltdown of the three Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors are still yet to be arrested despite having received data that anticipated a tsunami of more than 10 metres in height that could cause a power outage and other serious consequences.

Image: Reuters