A giant disaster warning was issued yesterday in Japan hours after the country’s first female governor was elected into power.

Citizens living in the Kanto area immediately went into a state of terror and panic after the announcement that a female was going to be in administrative control of Japan’s capital city – with the magnitude of the event registering at 9.1.

Trains were brought to a standstill and people were seen running to the nine day-care centers in Tokyo to retrieve their children.

“One guy was so freaked out he bit into his noodles mid mouthful instead of slurping them whole just before running around with his arms flailing in the air,” said one Tokyo citizen.

Experts are saying the exaggerated warning may have been caused by noise coming from the far-right wing of the Abe Administration.

No warnings or advisories caused by the female in charge are inOfficials have apologized for the overstated alert with the actual threat “ranging from between a 7 and 8”.

Images: JulieInJapan


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