The Chinese character compound for “girljin” has been selected as the kanji best symbolizing this year’s social mood in Japan by the Kyoto-based Kanji Regulation And Proficiency Organization (KRAPO).

“They seem to be everywhere these days,” says KRAPO President Madatsuki Attakotonai.

The selection came after yet another record high number of locals this year had their minds blown after seeing a girljin.

The ‘girljin’ kanji compound, which combines the Chinese character for ‘female’ with ‘outside’ and ‘person’, became popular in China as more foreign women were seen carrying textiles along the Silk Road around 100BCE.

“These trespassers on ancient Chinese lands did not possess small heads, but they did have incredibly tall noses,” says Madatsuki Attakotonai.

“One day I’d really love to woo a girljin so she can cook me a lovely western-style dinner and then wash the dishes while I’m watching other people eat their dinner on TV.”


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