Government ministers have called for urgent nationwide action against the spread of malicious fiery aunts running for office, after the highly invasive species was found winning several electoral seats in Tokyo this month.

“The government must implement an effective eradication program with the cooperation of the male community,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihede Suga announced at a press conference.

“These fiery obasans must be exterminated,” he said.

“If left uncontrolled, the country will go through what the United States and some other progressive countries have experienced.”

Suga said a significant portion of humans in managerial positions are now women in the United States, which has caused around 500 billion yen (US$4.4 billion) worth of economic damage to males each year.

He said the damage is particularly serious in certain parts of Europe and Australia.

Making the situation more serious is the fact queen aunts, known to be extremely fertile, were among the aunts found in the Tokyo area.

The now infamous Yuriko Koike queen aunt has laid the foundation for thousands more and government officials are saying once they build a colony, their numbers will increase dramatically.

“It is crucial to block them at an early stage. They will be extremely difficult to exterminate once they take root,” said Suga.

Image: Twitter/UedaReiko



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