Serious concerns have been raised today in Shibuya over the potential stretching of your Chinese style wheat noodles immersed in ramen soup.

“Hurry up! Your ‘men’ are starting to ‘nobiru’!” said 36-year-old local man Mamoru Genkei.

“The failure to immediately eat your noodles will condemn the noodles to an almost inedible state for all eternity.”

The grim warning was reluctantly acknowledged with the ‘men’ being being consumed at peak temperatures.

The piping hot noodles were saved from a ghastly fate of infinite expansion, however the extreme heat nullified any potential role being played by the taste buds.

“To be honest, I’d rather the comfort of a warm thick noodle that I can swallow down whole, rather than the constant fear of third degree burns from a noodle holding its shape,” you said.

Image: Pakutaso (TRW)


  1. This is so true. Reminds me of my wife, “Quick! Eat the noodles before they stretch and go all soft!” or “No! You can’t eat the mochi yet, it’s not soft enough!” Yeah whatever, mom. Go call the food Gestapo already. Gah.


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