A Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden ticket booth worker has been allowing half mixed race patrons to enter the park for only 50 per cent of the regular admission fee.

“They were only around half as scary as those fully fledged gaijin,” said the 71-year-old part-time employee.

The worker allowed pure-breed foreigners to enter free of charge while quarter-mixed patrons paid just 25 per cent of the standard fee.

“Once I started getting into the genetic makeup of the great grandparents it got a little bit too confusing so I just made those ones pay the full admission fee.”

The government said Friday that it has punished the 71-year-old part-time worker by forcing him to hang out at Roppongi over the weekend for a few hours after 9 p.m.

“I was harassed by several men standing on street corners offering me cheap women,” said the man.

Image: YouTube/ANNnewsCH


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