Gaijin wearing spectacles have been put on high alert after the latest release of the final instalment of the Harry Potter book series.

“You look like Harry Potter” incidents are expected to increase for any gaijin wearing glasses in Japan over the coming months.

A very real curse will be cast over all foreigners who wear glasses expecting to be called Tom Cruise or Ryan Gosling but are now doomed to being told they resemble Harry Potter.

“Just when the Harry Potter thing was starting to peter out J.K. Rowling goes and screws up my whole Ryan Gosling image thing I had goin’ on,” said Rick Finlay who lives in Osaka and bears no resemblance to Ryan Gosling apart from being white.

“I mean honestly, would it really hurt J.K. Rowling to write a book about a spectacle wearing hot wizard that has a magically charming ‘gap’?”

A ‘gap’ in Japan occurs when a man has surprisingly attractive characteristics different from his commonly perceived image. Rick Finlay has a negative gap in that he is a white male while having the surprising characteristic of not being an amazing lover.

Image: addyeddy


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