A father of two from Tokyo has had a horrifying epiphany during a vacation to Hawaii this week realizing that he was now the gaijin around town.

Hiroki Suzuki screamed out, “Oomaigaa”, while trying to cover his children’s ears from their new terrifying reality.

The Suzuki family swiftly returned to their hotel room where they ferociously scrubbed their children in the shower and soaked themselves in a green teas of the forest bath for several hours.

Hiroki incurred no extra costs changing their return flight home to the next available departure time by assertively lying to the ANA telephone operator with his newly found confidence and ability to overcome stressful confrontations.

The Suzuki’s unashamedly caused a fairly significant ruckus catching public transport to the airport, yelling obnoxiously at each other and consenting to their fully shoed kids running wild over the seats.

Image: Flickr/BertKimura (edited TRW)


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