An inspiring story has emerged this week of a foreign boy living in Japan who has been willing to offer up his time to give free English lessons to Japanese girls.

“When I provide aid to attractive girls regarding difficult grammar structures all I ask for is to be appreciated,” says Ryan Longbone.

Longbone has extended his offer of free English language assistance to a wide variety of Japanese peoples ranging from females who are slightly above average attractiveness to females who are absolute stunners.

Longbone’s not-for-profit operations have inspired a large contingency of his American friends to travel to Japan and contribute to this worthy cause.

“When I heard what Ryan was doing I knew I had to dig deep and offer my services to Japan,” said one of Longbone’s mates.

Despite Longbone’s extensive charitable works he rarely speaks about his altruistic ambitions, especially to his long-time girlfriend.

Image: Flickr/kanegen


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