A hideous creature wearing no makeup has been spotted in public in Japan on Tuesday.

“Oh God, make it stop!” said 54-year-old salaryman Shinjiro Takahashi.

“It hadn’t even applied so much as a bit of mascara – can someone get me a bucket?”

According to local sources, the revolting thing was not even wearing high heels.

“There’s only one thing worse than suppin, and that’s a woman trying to transform herself into something respectable in full view of men,” says 61-year-old public servant Yusuke Yamazaki who is fed up with women applying makeup on public transport.

Yamazaki says, “Men just shouldn’t have to deal with that shit – ruining our fantasies that all women are born like anime characters.”

“I need my women hiding their repulsive natural features at all times,” says Yamazaki whose nose or ear hairs haven’t been trimmed in over three decades.

Image: Pakutaso