Japanese University Currently Running Exchange Student Trade Deficit

A university in south-west Japan is running an exchange student trade deficit for this fiscal year. Yumi Tanaka is...

Japan Releases Dates For Getting Drunk In A Park (2020 Edition)

The annual schedule for appropriate dates to get wasted in a park has been released by Japan’s Meteorological Agency.

Prosecutors Raid Kitchen Of Ghosn’s Wife

Tokyo prosecutors on Wednesday raided the kitchen of the wife of Carlos Ghosn, Carole Ghosn, who is presumed to have cooked lots...

BREAKING: Foreigner Suddenly Learns The Meaning Of 第三次世界大戦

A foreigner going about his business in Japan has unexpectedly learnt the meaning of 第三次世界大戦. An Iranian attack on US...

Netflix Announces New Series: “Ghosn In 60 Seconds”

Netflix today announced they had bought the rights to Carlos Ghosn's escape from Japan with the provisional title, "Ghosn in 60 Seconds”.

Salaryman Lives To Work

A salaryman has struggled through another weekend before beginning a new week of work. “Thank God it’s Monday,” said...