Hot Tub Time Machine released in Japan

The hotly anticipated movie, Hot Tub Time Machine, is now screening in all good cinemas throughout Japan.

The 2010 motion picture from the US directed by Steve Pink has been suitably renamed for Japanese audiences as:

“Go by Bath!!!!! Time Machine is Jet Style”

The adapted title is predicted to bring in extra audiences because spa jets on the time machine are included in the title.

Japan’s ageing society means many citizens passed away before having the chance to see the film.

89-year-old Hiroki Takeshita was one Tokyo resident who decided not to take the risk in leaving this life without viewing Hot Tub Time Machine and had his grandson show him how to download torrents late last year.

“I had to illegally download the movie through some kind of torrent,” said Takeshita.

Takeshita was reportedly arrested last month on suspicion of illegally downloading and selling 1990s films still scheduled for release in Japan.


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