In a moment of sheer madness, a local man has reportedly washed a dish last night after drinking a cup of tea.

“I don’t know what got into me,” says Osaka salaryman Ushinau Honshin.

“I had the coffee mug in my hand and I thought how hard could it be?”

After washing the dish, the 47-year-old felt a great sense of accomplishment, however had a weird sensation all over his hands.

“I started to freak out a little cos my skin started to wrinkle up but waifu told me it was completely normal.”

Honshin now feels as if he’s put in the hard yards to keep him in the good books until at least next spring.

“I wont be doing that again for a while,” says Honshin.

“I expect a few extra back rubs over the coming week.”

Image: Gorenje