The hydrangea flower blooming season has commenced in Japan with very little fanfare.

“I couldn’t care less – can I get pissed under a hydrangea plant? I think not,” said salaryman Takashi Nobutoshi.

NHK reported on a few people in Yoyogi Park enjoying the hydrangea festivities but their overall enjoyment soon died out due to a lack of alcoholic substances.

“Yeah, the flowers were incredibly pretty, but Toshiko insisted we didn’t bring any booze so it turned out to be a real downer,” said 74-year-old retiree Naoko Yamashita.

“Fortunately, the convenience stores around here are open twenty-four seven so we were able to purchase some cheap One Cup Ozeki Sake and hit the karaoke bars later in the evening.”

Image: Flickr/Matsuyuki


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