Steven Hobday, who has been living in Tokyo for over five years, says he will perform gaijin nods depending on how he is feeling at the time.

“If I’m feeling good, which isn’t very often, and I see another gaijin, I’ll dish out the nod,” says Steven-sensei.

“Otherwise, I’ll just look down at my phone or cross the street.”

But Hobday hasn’t always been a miserable sod.

“After my first few months in Japan, I used to disseminate gaijin nods on a daily basis – if I saw a foreigner, bang, nod to the gaijin.”

Hobday says it was also easier to deliver nods when he was living in rural Saitama.

“When you see less of them, the nod means more – now in Tokyo, they are everywhere.”

“Really, if I issued a nod to every foreigner I see nowadays, I’d be in a perpetual state of nod.”

Image: Pixa