A man travelling through Shibuya Station has come across 99 arrows but his destination wasn’t one of them.

“I got 99 arrows but my destination ain’t one of them,” said 2-weeks-a-tourist Simon Petreski.

Petreski had been following a sequence of arrows through the station but hadn’t seen an arrow to his desired destination for at least 30 paces.

“This is when I started to panic,” he said, “I had no choice but to turn around and head back for the last relevant arrow I saw.”

Shibuya Station is renowned for being one of the world’s busiest arrow hubs.

There is an average of one arrow for every square tatami.

Petreski ended up asking a local for directions, choosing the best looking girl he could attack.

The girl gave Petreski her LINE ID out of sympathy but never replied.

Image: TRW