A foreigner living in central Tokyo has expressed her amazement at the variety of goods available to purchase at Donkey Hotel.

“I’m Donkey Hotel’s biggest fan,” says 28-year-old Laura Gilbert.

“I can get cleaning products, some extra hangers if I need them, or even some special goods if I’m ever feeling a bit randy – I can always rely on Donkey for a bit of girth.”

Gilbert says “it might be difficult to believe” but she “loves Donkey even more than Big Camera”.

“But I’m still not sure why the donkey looks like a penguin.”

Image: Flickr/Tsuda (edited TRW)


    • No, it’s definitely *Donkey Hotel*.

      *Don Quixote* is like some old Spanish dude, who like, rode around on donkeys, and like, totally died before the war or something, and like, my Mexican friend Jose says he ain’t even real! I mean, wooow dude, there’s like no way he could be a hotel!

    • Don Quixote is ドン・キホーテ, the name of the store and the hero of Cervantes
      Donkey hotel is ドンキホーテル, an unseasoned weeaboo would be poor to tell the difference.

  1. Excellent job coming to the rescue on that one, JokeExplainer. Not all heroes wear capes! But you might. I can’t see you through the internet.

      • Bic supposed to be an Indonesian word that means “Good Luck”. The Bic Camera owner heard people saying it during a coconut-tree climbing contest, but there’s no Indonesian word “Bic” so it’s likely he misunderstood what was being said.


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