A long-term visa gaijin living in Yokohama says he continues to write his address by looking at his residence card, despite living in the same apartment for the past 12 years.

“Look, if they think I’m going to memorize my address when it’s illegal not to carry my gaijin card, they’ve got another thing coming,” says 16-years-a-gaijin Trevor Leblanc.

Leblanc has been forced to copy his address on countless frivolous forms over the past decade and a half – and just this month wrote his address down another five times for the administration department at his workplace.

“I refuse to remember my address. If they can’t use copy paste on a computer, then they can wait for me to pull out my gaijin card and painstakingly transcribe every single kanji stroke.”

Leblanc says the process can be stressful and often starts to feel uncomfortable if he hasn’t received a compliment by the third kanji.

“If I haven’t acquired a ‘kanji jyouzu desune’ by at least the third kanji I know I’m in for a bad day,” says Leblanc.


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