Roger Squires has been treated as an object for the fulfilment of English fluency fantasies in Japan for almost 30 years.

“It’s like a job away from my own part-time teaching job trying to keep up with the hoards of gorgeous women all wanting a piece of the English skills that I naturally acquired from living in my home country,” says Squires.

“I just keep servicing woman after woman, but I don’t know how much more I have to give.”

The English teacher has been providing private English advice to stunners since 1989.

Many men, however, who have come in to contact with Squires have found it difficult to persuade the American to educate them in a private capacity.

“I even offered him 6,000 yen an hour and he wouldn’t do it,” said 57-year-old salaryman Shigeru Takata.

“Later that day I saw him in Doutor with Yumi giving away his services for free.”




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