An independent member of the Japanese Upper House, Taro Yamamoto, yesterday questioned the logic of the government’s grave warnings of the “imminent threat” from neighbouring countries during a security bill committee hearing.

“What will you do if a nuclear power plant is attacked by a missile?” Yamamoto posed to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The government is alerting people of serious dangers from foreign attack but has yet to “foresee the implications of missiles hitting nuclear power stations”, Yamamoto said.

Teach Me! Commander Contradiction
Teach Me! Commander Contradiction

The government failed to answer the question at the time but plans to address the inquiry by adapting an LDP animation released this month ‘Teach me! Commander Moustache’ (教えて!ヒゲの隊長) into ‘Teach me! Commander Contradiction’ (教えて!矛盾の隊長).

The government will explain through Commander Contradiction that the imminent threat from countries such as North Korea and China are simply a fear strategy to pass the controversial security bills through parliament and therefore can categorically say that restarting nuclear power plants across Japan are safe – from missiles.



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