South Korean lawmaker relaxing on rocky shards

A group of lucky South Korean lawmakers have made a lavish two day trip to the Takeshima Isles (known as Dokdo in South Korea) in the Sea of Japan.

“It’s such a beautiful island – it’s so relaxing sunbathing on these razor-sharp rock beaches that extend right around every island,” said one South Korean lawmaker.

The islands are currently uninhabited which means people visiting must be fully self-sufficient. The delegation of 10 politicians didn’t manage to catch any fish and were therefore reduced to surviving on tiny shellfish and a rotting seal that had washed ashore a few days earlier.

“The beaches are just littered with intensely sharp rock shards allowing one to easily slice open a dead seal for a fairly tangy evening meal.”

“And there is an abundance of salty water to bathe any deep wound cuts on the balls of your feet.”

Japan currently disputes South Korea’s claim to the islands and is desperate to take control of the gorgeous rock beaches.

Images: Brenda Clarke, Nisa Yeh (edited by the rising wasabi)


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