Incorrect Kanji Stroke Order Renders Character Completely Unrecognizable

A student of the Japanese language has penned a kanji in the wrong stroke order causing the word to be completely unrecognizable.

Gavin Peterson started the ‘watashi’ (‘I’) kanji with the left-side central stroke instead of the correct top left diagonal stroke.

“I literally have no idea what this set of strokes mean,” said Mr. Ryota Takada.

“It’s just an utter shambles of strokes moulded together in the same square centimetre.”

Peterson being an ordinary layperson in the field of Japanese language, or ‘nihongo’, didn’t have the wherewithal or inner warrior spirit to distinguish the error of his ways.

Mr. Takada was eventually able to decipher the kanji as ‘watashi’ through recognition of subtleties in the sentence structure and context, as well as years of Japanese language immersion since birth.


  1. I sometimes paint Kanji with watercolor or other real paint.. Then you understand why strokes come in a particular order, painting them helps me memorize the order and understand the logic behind it.

  2. Dear Lord of the Universe,
    Deliver from us this fowl evil that fouls the human gene pool. Don’t agree with eugenics but I get where it came from…..


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