A hard-working English teacher in Gifu City has gone above and beyond the call of duty and stayed back in the classroom with some girls for a casual English chat despite it being the lunch break period.

“I really want to go and eat my bento, but I’m hard at work educating these girls through light English conversation,” said Robbie Morgan.

Despite having only eaten a small breakfast Morgan said his “empty stomach takes a back seat to giving these girls some real life English conversation practice”.

Many of the full-time teachers at the high school are extremely envious of Morgan’s commitment to the cause.

“Robbie Sensei is a real trooper, I always see him putting in that extra mile,” said science teacher Kuroda Sensei.

“One time I even saw him with some of our girls practicing after school at the local shopping mall.”

Robbie Sensei has never been seen putting in “that extra mile” for any of the male students.

Image: Flickr/Gwaar (edited TRW)


  1. Spot on! So many of these white male gaijin “English Teachers” are total creeps and wouldn’t think twice about sleeping with an underaged student given the opportunity.

  2. You mean wouldn’t think twice about taking a play out of the Dalarymen’s playbook and sleeping with underage students, minus the ability to entice them with designer handbag purchases of course.

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