A foreigner walking through Tokyo Station today has hastily launched an internal inquiry into “just who the f*** is that gaijin with?”

All available resources were employed in an attempt to resolve the mystery by looking at the pair from the side, rear, and quickly from the front.

“It was imperative that the gaijin lover was fully exposed given the chances of her being an ex or some gaijin hunter well known amongst all the boys,” thought Robert Coster.

Coster walked at a slightly faster pace to reach the couple and then glanced sideways to catch a glimpse.

In an awful twist of fate the gaijin turned his head at that exact moment and the co-conspirator’s face was shielded by a wave of gorgeously silky flowing black hair.

Coster was forced to implement emergency procedures and blatantly stared at the pair from the front.

“She’s ugly anyway,” Coster reassured himself.


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