Some gaijin has started to learn the meanings of several osechi foods just in time for the New Year festivities.

Mary Roberts, a 38 year-old living in Adachi Ward, is attempting to learn the most obscure of osechi ryori foods to flaunt her deep understanding of Japanese culture.

“Shrimp connotes the elderly because they have ‘hige’, which is Japanese for moustache, and they are hunchbacked, which is ‘koshi ga magatteiru’,” says Roberts.

Roberts plans to explain the most intricate of osechi meanings to her friends despite being completely ignorant of basic Japanese such as the word ‘because’.

Kobumaki, rolled kelp filled with fish, will impart happiness, as it ryhmes with yorokobu, the word for happiness,” says Roberts.

Roberts will impart nothing but irritation on her friends over the New Year break.


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