The world has culturally appropriated feelings of being offended by Israel’s Eurovision song contest performance, which featured a re-enactment of a typical Japanese working day.

Netta Barzilai, one of the favorites, won the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest, but has been accused of “blatant” cultural appropriation performing her Japanese-themed song ‘Soy’ while sending out facsimiles.

“I’m deeply hurt that Israel would even attempt to mimic the Japanese tradition of women being coerced into drinking with their superiors after work,” said 48-year-old TV viewer Jim Whitecross.

Star Wars fans were also up in arms claiming Netta had culturally appropriated Princess Leia’s hair buns from the planet Alderaan.

“Frankly speaking,” says 44-year-old Japanese salaryman Ryoichi Suzuki, “I’m more concerned about soy sauce being poured over white rice, and the feasibility of a woman acting as section chief.”

“If you think we feel badly done by, how do you think chickens are feeling right now?”

Netta ended her performance by jumping in front of a holographic moving train.



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