A shift in temperatures this month has helped Japan come to the incredible realization that autumn will once again happen as it has done since time immemorial.

“Is this actually happening!?” asked Masatomi Kuwahara.

“I can’t believe the leaves are actually starting to change color like they did last year, the year before that, and all the years before that one too.”

Kuwahara has witnessed a steady stream of autumn related products being sold in most stores around Tokyo.

“Today I was able to purchase an autumn themed carton of milk,” said Kuwahara.

“I don’t know how that cow managed to make its milk taste like fall – but it did.”

Kuwahara says he will be shocked if winter also manages to transpire in 2017.

“All I can say is, thank God I was born Japanese.”

Image: Flickr/Maxiub


  1. Well that’s great. Two Momiji attendants per tree will keep Japan’s high employment rate right on track.


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