Japanese civilians have woken up this morning feeling much safer, with security bills passing in the diet allowing troops to participate in wars abroad.

“I just feel my family is safer knowing we can now strike any country before they even think about attacking us,” said one relieved citizen.

The new legislation will reverse 70 years of the outdated and highly dangerous only-defending-national-interests-when-attacked constitution. The pacifist stance has instigated numerous missed opportunities to pre-emptively strike several nations over the past half century.

“Not initiating war with dubious nations has resulted in the unrealistic but tiny chance that we may have been attacked to have existed,” said one government official.

“Now we have a more peace driven constitution we can wipe out any perceived threat, whether real or imagined, through war, and ipso facto prevent war.”

Japanese arms corporations have welcomed the bolstering of peace and are anticipating huge sales in their products designed to kill with maximum efficiency.

“We congratulate the government on creating a safer Japan and will be providing cutting edge lethal equipment for the newborn climate of peace,” said an arms dealer spokesman.

Some sections of the community are apprehensive about the shift in legislation but recent successful pre-emptive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are likely to silence any opposition.


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