“Grey Week” started in Japan on Tuesday after 10 days vacation meaning salarymen will have to catch up on 6 days worth of work in less than a week.

The new emperor has told the people that he is grateful for their hard work during Grey Week and that “it is regrettable”.

Grey Week is colloquially referred to as ‘Shit Brown Week’ or ‘SBW’.

“This year’s SBW will be especially tough on workers – work not completed during the 10-day Golden Week period aint gonna do itself,” NHK reported

From the early morning, salarymen were lining up at vending machines to buy canned coffee in preparation for the hard slog ahead.

“Last years Shit Brown Week was bad enough, this time my boss is expecting me to do 3 days worth of work in one day,” said 78-year-old salaryman Moukan Benshiteyo.

Image: Pakutaso