The Tobu department store in Japan published a press release on Monday announcing it will begin selling grapes one at a time in single solitary boxes.

“Our new ‘Dream Ranking Grape’ is the stuff of fantasies,” says Tobu department store president Koichi Nezumoto.

“Only in your wildest dreams could you throw away that much packaging for such a small amount of fruit produce.”

The press release quotes an ancient Japanese proverb highlighting one of the deep-seated traditions of Japanese cuisine: 「腹が食わずに目が食う」

Hara ga kuwazu ni me ga kuu’, roughly translated into English means, ‘One always eats with one’s eyes first, and then disposes of any leftover shit with one’s hands’.

The first stand-alone grape sold at auction for US$1,538.

Television news footage of the lucky grape buyer lasted for around three seconds – almost double the total amount of time in which the purchased grape was savored in the mouth before swallowing.


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