Japan has celebrated the 178th anniversary of the first Japanese man to set foot on the Gaikoku.

Nakahama Manjiro, also known as John Manjiro, was the first Japanese person to eat some decent cheese, and became an important conduit during the Opening of Japan.

In 1841, 14-year-old Nakahama Manjiro was rescued by a Gaikokujin whaleship after his boat wrecked on the island of Torishima and traveled back to Gaikoku with his rescuers.

Upon arriving on Gaikoku soil, Manjiro famously said, “It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for men”.

Manjiro was enrolled in the Oxford School in Massachusetts and learnt important lessons about Gaikoku, including that they too played ‘rock, paper, scissors’ and sold pizza at reasonable prices.

Manjiro later returned to Japan and assisted the Shogunate to build a Gaikoku style navy and shared the knowledge that Gaikoku also has four seasons; however, no one believed him.