Japan has claimed the British Nobel Literature Prize winner for 2017, Kazuo Ishiguro, saying he’s always been theirs and they never forgot him.

“We’re pleased to announce Kazuo Ishiguro is Japanese!” Japan said just after Ishiguro took out the award.

“Ishiguro has always been in our thoughts even though we didn’t want to give him dual citizenship,” said Japan.

“Sure, we started writing his name in katakana, the alphabet reserved for foreigners, but we knew deep down he was still Japanese.”

“In fact, he’s probably now even more Japanese than Haruki Murakami.”

Ishiguro told Japanese reporters he feels a strong connection to Japan after they specifically asked him, “Do you feel a strong connection with japan?”

“Yeah, sure, why not,” Ishiguro replied.

Image: Wikipedia/MariuszKubik


  1. Had he been naturalized before he was an adult and it was not his own volition, he would have had a case. But he made a willful decision to be a British citizen on his own accord marrying a foreigner.
    Japan may have awarded him Japanese nationality by act of parliament had he been naturalized as a minor, read and wrote in fluent Japanese, married a Japanese national and had pure Japanese kids.


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