Japan’s Ministry of Environment has established a new investigation into the number of foreigners living in Japan, installing harpoon launchers on rooftops around Shibuya, Asakusa, and Roppongi.

The number of foreign nationals living in Japan in 2017 increased to around 2.5 million, according to unscientifically tested data.

“We need to conduct lethal testing to know exactly how many of them there are,” says lead researcher Koro Sebayuri.

“Harpooning is the only effective and humane means of testing.”

The Ministry says some gaijin who survive the harpooning are being tagged and released back into the wild.

“After the first round of tests, we’re starting to see very precise migration patterns between educational institutions and the HUB,” says Sebayuri.

“We’ve also found a lot of beef bowls and tuna onigiris inside their gastrointestinal tracts.”

Green Peace and Sea Shepherd have released statements voicing their concern that these scientific research equate to animal cruelty.

Image: Flickr/Vellut 1,2



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