Former environment minister Yuriko Koike of the Liberal Democratic Party has been elected governor of Tokyo after triumphing in a game of “Lube Stairs King of the Hill”, which was broadcast on live TV.

Political pundits hailed the election as a celebration of democracy mixed with wholesome entertainment.

“The election was a democratic success with around 1,000 liters of lubricant being tossed at the candidates,” said one electoral official.

Contrastingly, foreign commentators were predictably critical of the televised election program with many complaining it was “unsurprisingly boring”.

“Look at ex-Iwate Governor Hiroya Masuda, he’s not even trying to get to the top, he’s just taking out other candidates for shits and giggles,” said one gaijin.

“Veteran journalist Shuntaro Torigoe wasn’t even hit by anything at one point in the election and he fell back down the stairs into the pool of pre-prepared lube,” said another gaijin.

Although it may have looked to the untrained eye as if the candidates weren’t trying and were simply participating in the game for entertainment purposes, officials assured the public that “deep down they were giving their all to become lube king of the hill and ipso facto Tokyo Governor”.

Image: WorldEconomicForum (edited by The Rising Wasabi)


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