Bananas in Japan are often regarded as a taboo subject, but the widespread existence of tiny bananas is a commonly held fact.

Recently, a sharp rise in the importation of bananas from gaikoku has highlighted the discrepancy in dimensions.

“I heard from all of my local friends that apparently they value thickness over length in this country,” says foreign import Brittany Reid.

“But a lot of the bananas I’ve seen look small no matter which way you slice or dice them.”

Some people, however, have been known to appreciate the more diminutive size of the Japanese banana.

“These things are minuscule,” says Sarah Felechio, “I can sometimes struggle a bit, but in Japan I can almost always put the whole thing in my mouth, no worries.”

“Sometimes the bigger bananas can be a pain to handle”, says Brian Cox, “but in Japan it’s completely pain-free.”


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