Japanese lawmaker Yoshitaka Sakuradai told other LDP members during a meeting Thursday morning that professional prostitutes should be grateful for the work provided by Japan’s Imperial Army during World War II.

Sakuradai, a former senior vice minister of education, culture, sports, science and technology under Prime Minister Abe, said he wished he could have been around during the war to invest in the booming industry.

“It was just a great opportunity for all involved, for those providing the comfort, and also for those willing to receive comfort,” said Sakuradai.

Sakuradai emphasized Japan’s creation of jobs for up to 200,000 women around Asia, mostly from South Korea, but also from China, the Philipines, and Indonesia.

“I just wish I could have been alive to buy stock in that amazing bear market – but that’s business,” said Sakuradai.



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