Japan to devalue yen

The Bank of Japan will implement a last ditch strategy in an attempt to reverse the trend of an increasing yen. The “Put-Abe’s-Face-On-The-Yen” policy is expected to drastically reduce the value of the yen and sure up the Japanese economy by making exports cheaper, and overseas holidays way more expensive.

“If I see Abe’s cranium on anything it immediately has less value to me,” said one citizen living in Nagoya city.

Economists predict the value of the yen will plummet and by the end of the current Abe Administration the 1,000 Yen Abe will only be worth about the same as the Japanese constitution.

“The introduction of Abe Yen is guaranteed to make the yen very unpopular,” said BOJ governor Haruhiko Kuroda.

“Everyone will want to get rid of their Abe Yen, which will reduce its value, but ultimately the country will be stuck with it.”


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