Temperatures reached as high as 37.1 degrees today at 11:55 a.m. in the Kanto region with humidity peaking at 100 per cent just after midday, according to Japan’s Meteorological Agency.

Many people were forced to swim to work after several train lines around Tokyo experienced heavy delays due to being submersed in moisture.

“I had no choice but to swim to work,” said 41-year-old gaijin Trevor Ashford.

Ashford was late to work, primarily as a result of never having swum 3.4 kilometers with a suitcase, but also because he was told mid-swim he was obliged to wear a swimming cap.

“I mean geez, give me a break, I’m breaststroking to work with a metal suitcase and some wank makes me go and buy a swimming cap,” said Ashford.

Any loose hair from Ashford’s head immediately made its way into the general moisture as soon as he arrived to work and took off the cap.

Image: Flickr/PedroHaas/Yamauchi (edited TRW)



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