The number of “cho frickin’ atsui ne”s articulated by foreigners today reached a year high peak in the Kanto region.

The average number of “cho frickin’ atsui ne”s per gaijin today reached above seven at 10:26 a.m.

Cho frickin’ atsui ne chart

The “Cho frickin’ atsui ne” phenomenon is a more extreme form of the “atsui ne” phenomenon where people will blurt “Cho frickin’ atsui ne” out of their mouths without even thinking.

“Cho frickin’ atsui ne,” 6-years-a-gaijin Peter Goddard mumbled to himself after his air-conditioner automatically changed itself to cleaning mode.

“Cho frickin’ atsui ne”s are expected to reach similar levels for the next few days.

Image: Flickr