Japan has launched a new full-frame mirror camera offering photography enthusiasts more than DSLR.

The Up360 model features 45.7 effective megapixels, 493 DFAF points and supports high sensitivity range for upside-down moving objects.

“My new Up360 is fantastic, I got some great new shots for my treasured collection,” said one 28-year-old photography fan Doutoku Ganai.

The company says the Up360 mirror gives “an outstanding level of sharpness and detail”.

For those looking to shoot high-resolution upside-down videos the Up720 comes with support for 4K UHD and white mask to cover your face.

The Up360 costs 260,000 yen (US$1995) but you should be able to make your money back online within 3 months.

Image: Flickr/S