Japan has been left reeling from the news people are actually using marriage for the purpose of love after it was revealed Princess Ayako married a commoner at Tokyo’s Meiji Shrine on Monday, rendering her royal status useless.

“I thought marriage was a divine tool for convenience,” said 29-year-old secretary Hiroko Fujihara.

“Doesn’t she know she’s not a princess anymore – I can’t believe she doesn’t watch Disney.”

The wedding took place in a pagoda-like building in the shrine complex and included an exchange of rings, the sharing of a cup of sake, and love.

“I am filled with happiness,” commoner Ayako, formerly known as Princess Ayako, told reporters after the ceremony.

“It’s utterly disgraceful how people are now using marriage for love – where will it end?” says 67-year-old salaryman Yuto Kikuchi.

Commoner Ayako, 28, was the daughter of the emperor’s cousin, and Moriya, 32, works for a large shipping company called Nippon Yusen.

“He must have a massive,” Kikuchi continued, “pay packet.”

Image: AP