Japan has submitted an application to UNESCO today requesting Kazuo Ishiguro be registered as a Japanese World Heritage Site.

UNESCO has yet to confirm whether they have received the request, which was sent through by fax.

“I didn’t know who the hell Kazuo Ishiguro was five days ago,” says 45-year-old salaryman Hirota Matsutaka, “but he must have Japanese blood flowing through his veins if he is now world famous.”

The UNSECO application was reportedly sent in English, except for Ishiguro’s name, which Japan has now converted back to kanji since he won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Some Britons are, however, disputing Japan’s claim.

“Next, they’ll be converting Bob Sapp’s name into kanji,” said 27-year-old Englishman Bernard Mason.

Image: Flickr/FutureShape



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