The government decided Friday to recommend the “guilty until proven innocent” legal system of Japan as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage candidate for 2021.

Japan will fax its formal recommendations to UNESCO by January 30 to attain global recognition for the nation’s legal structures.

The UNESCO advisory panel will publish its assessment of Japan’s archaic system of justice in May 2021.

Justice Minister Masako Mori said Japan had demonstrated its commitment to the “guilty until proven innocent” system of justice with the recent cases of former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn and former SBS journalist Scott McIntyre.

“It would be a global injustice if this application was turned down,” Mori told reporters.

“We will also be submitting ‘solitary confinement’, ‘limited access to lawyers’, and ‘forced confessions’ recommendations to UNESCO in the future.

UNESCO was unavailable for comment.

Image: AP